The Online Survey Bible: The Top 100 Online Survey Sites Ranked And Rated. Insider How-To Tips And Tricks For Making ,000’s Per Year Doing Online Surveys. (The Money Bible Series Book 2)

The Online Survey Bible: The Top 100 Online Survey Sites Ranked And Rated. Insider How-To Tips And Tricks For Making ,000's Per Year Doing Online Surveys. (The Money Bible Series Book 2)

Make money online from home today.

If you are looking to make money from home doing paid online surveys this is the one and only book you need! The Online Survey Bible is an insider’s how-to guide for making ,000’s written by an expert, and the author of The Focus Group Bible, Edward Steiger.

All the tips, tricks, and insider information you need to make money is in this book!

Written by an industry insider, The Online Survey Bible has the tips and tricks


The popularity of paid surveys has already defeated the popularity of some Hollywood stars and everything was due to the income that this industry was able to provide to their employees. Various survey sites exist and each of them has something to offer. In exchange of some of your time and effort in the performance of certain tasks is a rewarding income. Here are some of the tasks that these sites ask their members.

Some sites merely ask for opinions over a certain topic or product while some require the testing of certain physical products that were given for free. Some ask their members to merely open and read emails while some ask the writing of reviews about books as well as movies.

We might have been informed that earning with paid surveys is easy. Well, the industry might give survey takers a difficult time to earn well if they do not follow certain simple techniques or working strategies. Being professional and honest at all times will cause you to earn good income easily.

I would like to share some tips that I was able to learn from my own survey experience as well as the experience of others.

First, avoid making use of multiple and false accounts. There are some people who try to register with one survey site for several times so that they would be able to receive more survey invitations. Surely, you will get caught at the soonest possible time. Once they do discover your act, you will be permanently deleted from their lists.

Second, make use of an email account other than your personal email. Gmail is one of the most preferred email accounts and you might want to use “surveytaker” as your username as most companies appreciate such accounts.

Third, never forget the virtue of honesty. Be honest all the time and we all know why.

Fourth, you should also put some creativity in your answers. Surely, both you and the survey company would find it interesting.

Last but not the least, regularly open your email and quickly reply to emails you receive. This is so because survey companies love quick responses. They would surely have more surveys to offer you if such is the case.

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Have you decided to try to make some extra money completing online paid surveys? If you have you will find this article interesting. Use the information in this article to save time and get started quickly.

* Don’t join survey sites if you are employed in certain industries, such as advertising and market research. Survey companies will see this as a conflict of interest and you will not be matched to surveys.

* Setup an email account to use just for the surveys. It is best to keep your personal emails and surveys emails separate. It only takes a few minutes to setup a new account and this will allow you to check your survey email account for new surveys and information.

* Make a list of the survey site you plan to join. Although it is best to join as many as possible when you first are interested in joining survey sites, it may take too much time to join them all at one time. Keep a list handy of the sites you still plan to join when you have time.

* Keep a list of the survey sites you have joined. It is a good idea to keep a list in a document or spreadsheet so that you can keep track of the sites that you have joined, user names and passwords.

* Get your personal information organized. The survey companies that you join will ask you very similar information regarding your personal information, address and interests. It is best to have this information at hand and ready to copy and paste from a spreadsheet or other document.

* Consider using a form filler. A form filler will allow you to fill in the information that the survey company is asking quickly and automatically. For example every survey company is going to ask for your address. A form filler can fill this in for you so you don’t need to type it in every time.

* Complete the profiles as best you can. When you join the survey sites, they will ask you many questions to gather information about you to match you with the type of people the survey companies are looking for. The more information you complete the better the chances are you will match a survey that needs completing.

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