People are getting so much better at avoiding scam surveys, but they still can’t find good paying sites. Most of the survey places on the web are pretty legit, yet only a small fraction of them are going to give you the most money for your time and effort. How do you find those places? That’s exactly what I am about to show you.

The good news is that it’s very easy to do. With that said, you need to know why such a large percentage of us never find the good paying places, even though you might not run into scam surveys. This has to do with everybody’s constant reliance on search engines. It’s the one massive mistake that everyone makes. Search engines just aren’t a good way to find the better survey sites any more. None of them come up in the lists that they throw at you.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the good part of this conversation. The good part is that you can easily and quickly use big forums to locate so many of the better paying survey sites. It’s also how you can get informed on any scam surveys that might be lurking on the net. Big forums work so darn well, because they take out every bit of spam and they take out all of the false and misdirecting posts that people leave. You are left with tons of totally honest info about so many subjects.

The best part is that the archives of these forums are boiling with topics on the survey industry. Whether you want to look into scam surveys, or you just want to get right to the top dollar places, you have hundreds of topics you can browse through. It’s where people have freely talked about their knowledge, findings and opinions. You can see exactly where other folks are getting the most cash and where they are not happy.

It’s the simplest way to get rid of any scam surveys in your way, while pin pointing legit, top dollar ones.

Here is a Free Top 5 List of Paid Survey Sites while avoiding Scam Surveys.

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It’s not that scam surveys are much of a problem any more. This article has more to do with finally finding the legit places that actually pay very good money for your time. That’s where your time should be spent, and the good news is that it’s easier than ever to get directly to the better paying websites.

I am going to show you the easiest and fastest path to take, which will shed a lot of light on the survey industry. As you may know, the web is becoming saturated with penny paying survey sites. It’s not that they are scam surveys, though. They just don’t pay very well. What if you could bypass all of them, without wasting your time trying them out? Well, you “can” bypass them.

You do it by using the power of large forums. Any big forum will do for this simple job. Large forums are what you want to use instead of search engines, because search engines give horrible lists of low paying survey sites. Large forums are where you can grab a hold of tons of honest info about legit survey sites and even scam surveys that might come your way. That’s the main reason these big places work so well. These well established forums take out every tiny bit of spam and all of the false/misleading information that people tend to leave. You are left with only the honest sharing of other well intentioned people.

On top of this, hundred of various topics about survey websites can be pulled out of the archive section. Hundreds of them are available to jump into. This is exactly what you want to do, too. Go into just a small portion of these topics and you’ll be very surprised by what you can find. You’ll run into so many valuable posts, form people sharing their recent and past findings of legit, high paying sites and the scam surveys they have run into on the web. It’s the sneaky trick to getting right to the sites that will pay you the most.

It keeps you away from many scam surveys and it shows you the legit ones that other folks are the happiest with.

Here is a Free Top 5 List of Paid Survey Sites while avoiding Scam Surveys.

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Anyone would jump at the chance to complete surveys for more cash. Why isn’t everyone doing it, then? It’s because no one can locate these high payment sites. I know the sneaky trick for this, because they “are” out there and you can get to them very easily.

It all begins by taking a look at one thing. How do you generally start looking for new survey sites? If you are using some kind of search engine, we have just pin pointed the exact problem. If you plan on being able to complete surveys for more cash, you never want to rely on their search results. Absolutely nothing good comes from it, because none of the top dollar sites show up. None. Since 95% of us still rely on one every time we get the itch to locate new survey places, you can see why so many people are angry over being underpaid.

Enough about that sob story. Let’s stick with the good news. The good news is that you can use something that is 80 times better at showing you exactly where the survey sites are that pay higher. I’m talking about big forums, which are a gigantic life saver, rolled up into one very big website. These bigger forums might be really large, but you don’t need the whole thing. You just need their search tool and their archive section. The archive section is where you can instantly pull up hundreds of survey related topics, making it easy to find out where you can complete surveys for more cash.

The reason it works so well is because large forums have tons of honest info about this subject. They have tons of topics on being able to complete surveys for cash, but all of the spam and blatantly false info is stripped out, leaving you with only the honest stuff. All you do now is jump in and begin browsing some of the topics. You’ll run into tons of informative posts, from people talking back and forth about their experiences with various survey sites. That’s all you need to make informed decisions about where the money makers are.

It’s time to complete surveys for more cash, instead of joining random places that always underpay.

Here is a free Top 5 list of Paid Survey Sites to Complete Surveys for more cash.

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