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For survey providers, there is a group of questions that they must asked of all participants in order to accurately sort responses and determine the results of a survey. These questions usually pertain to very personal information, from location to education level and occupation to yearly income.

Questions about the household and the people in it are very common as well, information that is also used to sort responses and determine results. Many people, especially those who might be unfamiliar with the operation of paid survey providers and research firms, may find these types of questions to be irrelevant to the survey and wonder why their responses are necessary, especially when it comes to their job and field of work.

In almost every survey offered by research and marketing firms, a series of very personal questions is asked. These questions almost always contain questions about the specific field of work of the participant and their family members, as well as the household income level. This information, although it seems completely irrelevant, is actually quite important. First, statistics are used to determine what kind of products and services are most likely to be used by people of different fields of work and levels of income.

As an example, research statistics show that those who work in high paying fields are more likely to purchase services such as digital cable or satellite television packages than those who work in fields that pay low or mid-range salaries.

Also considered, those who work in certain fields may be contractually unable to participate in the agreement created by the research marketing firm and the company who has contracted their services. Those who work in advertising and marketing are usually not able to participate in paid surveys, or their answers are grouped separately, because of bias or because the information surveyed may be carried to a competitor.

In most cases, the companies who are searching for the information requested in the surveys want the opinions of the general population – those who work in mid-range salary, every day average jobs. Normally, when a survey asks for a participant to provide information about their field of work, they offer a multiple choice question that includes some very elite career positions followed by an option of “none of the above”, “other” or another similar choice. It is estimated that over 80% of survey panelists select the options that suggest they work in less elite positions.

The field of work a survey panelist works in has a lot to do with the types of surveys they might be eligible for, contractually or demographically. It also tells the research and marketing firm a lot of about the products and services a person is most likely to purchase and use regularly. This information allows results to be grouped in a more organized fashion and can be very useful for those determining the results of a particular survey.

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Effective marketing campaigns can attract more visitors to your site but not each visitor turns into a dedicated customer. To make people want to visit your website again, you need to offer them quality products and maintain high standards of service. Customer surveys may help you find out what should be improved.

Secret 1: Define problem areas

If you are not running a brick and mortar shop, it might be tough to ask each customer’s opinion. People are likely to skip pop-ups asking them to devote a few minutes of their time to complete a survey so you need to know a few tricks to make your survey get those coveted answers. The first step you should take is to define problem areas of your business. Talk to your employees – they might point out aspects which raise concerns. It may also help you define the thematic framework of your survey.

Secret 2: Ask the right questions

If you want to make your customer surveys get answered, you need to make them neutral. A survey which looks as a marketing technique may put off potential respondents. It has been proven that the way questions are formulated and asked influences answers so make sure you ask accurate questions which don’t presuppose several answers and you can get accurate results.

Secret 3: Don’t make it too long

If your call for action encourages respondents to spend only a few minutes of their time on completing your survey, don’t let them down. Since you want to shed light on particular aspects of your business activity customer surveys shouldn’t ask people about everything. Be precise and to the point. If you say that a survey takes a few minutes to be completed and in fact it takes longer, don’t expect that respondents will finish – they might quit in the middle. Your company shouldn’t be associated with any kind of misleading information. Test the survey on your employees – it may help you estimate roughly how long your survey takes to take.

Secret 4: Target your audience

You don’t market your product to everyone so your survey should be aimed at the target audience, too. Be precise about whom you expect to answer your customer surveys. Since you intend to use its results for improving your service, concentrate on the quality of respondents and not on their quantity.

Secret 5: Find the optimum placement

If you want to have good response rates, you need to find the optimum placement for your survey. You can try to capture customers’ feedback straightaway after the transaction has been completed, create a separate survey section on your website or gather pre-visit information. There are tools to check which pages get the most traffic so it can be a good idea to find those touch points and place your surveys there.

Secret 6: Give incentives

When potential respondents are offered to complete online customer surveys, they may ask themselves why they should spend their time. Give them incentives. You can go for material awards and offer respondents coupons or invite them for free trials. Yet incentives are not obligatory material – you can just persuade your respondents that each opinion matters and the more precise their answers are the better service you can offer them.

Secret 7: Keep respondents updated about results

The final stage can be skipped but why don’t you invest in the future? Keeping respondents updated about the survey findings may help you build trustworthy relationships with them and it’s likely that they will complete your next survey.

Customer surveys are an important tool for any business as they help measure customer satisfaction levels directly related to overall company performance.


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There is little doubt in the fact that every organization and commercial establishment have itself examined for asbestos in any of the materials present on its premises. Having an asbestos survey, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK, or anywhere else for that matter is based on looking into all the material that is present on the premises. Should any asbestos be found, then a mention is made of where and in what quantity. It is based on this report that one will be able to assess how its presence can be managed. When you hand over this job to a consultancy agency, they will undertake the survey, explain the report to you and even fill you in on how the entire thing should be handled. The entire process is done on the basis of sampling and processing.

There are a number of asbestos surveys that are conducted in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. The primary on is that of the Management Asbestos Survey. This is undertake on the entire establishment as well as the areas surrounding it. In such kind of surveys, an important aspect is that the duty holder and the employer as also the owner of the building, all be informed of the survey in progress. It is at the end of the survey that the amount of asbestos present is arrived at and also its condition. This asbestos is then treated in such a way that it remains harmless for long periods of time. However, there are periodic checks that take place to ensure its safety.

Asbestos surveys particularly evaluate those materials that seem to have deteriorated in some ways. This renders the asbestos content a little more dangerous. If they can be removed, then this is done and they are set aside. This is one aspect of the survey that can be a bit intrusive and should be done on days when there are hardly any employees on the floor. What happens with bad asbestos is that it tends to release particles that can settle on people. Extended exposure can lead to a host of illnesses such as asbestos poisoning and also some cancers. It has to be of utmost priority for a company to rectify this problem.

Another kind of survey that is undertake in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK is the Demolition survey. This is where a part or whole of the building requires refurbishment. One does not really need a report on where and how the asbestos is placed simply because it is visible to the naked eye.

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