How do surveys for money work?  The short answer is that companies pay for your opinion.  But why and how?  This article will explain the whole process of paid online surveys.

Companies like Coca Cola, Texas Instruments, Pampers and all other businesses need to know what consumers like you and me like and don’t like.  In the past, they have relied on telemarketing companies to conduct their research.  They paid Billions to these companies every year.  These telemarketers called your home at 9 pm (they still do) and asked you a bunch of questions related to specific products.  Most of the time, you answered and were polite and gave them what they wanted.  You answered their surveys in 3 minutes and went back to dinner. 

These telemarketing companies gathered the data and sold it to big companies who used the info for new product launches and marketing campaigns.  All was good for everyone.

This model started falling apart in the late 90s and by 2005 became completely obsolete.  People refused to be bothered and became annoyed with telemarketing calls.  Legislation was passed and the do-not-call list became law.  No more free surveys!

Companies still need to conduct market research but now they are willing to pay you directly for your opinion.  The internet has made this possible and both the businesses and the consumer can benefit from surveys for money.  Companies send you surveys in your inbox, you pick which ones you want to answer, answer them and get paid!  It’s that easy and everyone wins.  You can make a few bucks a month, or thousands depending on how much time you want to spend.

Unfortunately, if things seem too good to be true, then they usually are!  There is a catch.  You can’t just go to ..say Pepsi’s site and look for surveys.  You need access to those surveys.  Worse than that is that scammers have taken advantage of this and profited from surveys without paying. For paid online surveys  to work you need top find reputable programs that hook you up with paying companies.  This is the hard part!  But once you have that covered, you can make as much or as little extra money as you want, from the comfort of your own home.  All you need is a PC, an  internet connection, and an opinion.

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