All the rave is about quick paid surveys. We hate spending hours of our time just to make a couple bucks and we hate being given low amounts of money. If you’re having an issue finding the sites that have high paying, short survey offers, let me tell you a little secret about finding all of them with ease.

This info should come as a pleasant surprise to most people. I say that because over 95% of you are joining all of the wrong survey sites. Most of us join dozens of places to take quick paid surveys, yet all of these places are paying very low amounts. Why is this? It’s because too many people still try to find them by clicking through search engine results. This needs to stop, because it’s been a very long time since they gave us good lists of survey places. None of the top dollar ones will show up in those lists any more.

Now that we’ve talked about that, let’s talk about the good news. The good news is that the web is still littered with sites that have quick paid surveys “and” pay the most money. How will you find them, though? That’s easy. You do it by using something that most people forget about: Big forums. These large websites are the skeleton key to the door of places that pay high. How is this possible? Because of the great archive sections that they have and also because of the amount of totally honest information about survey sites that you can pull up here.

Honesty is the key, but most of the info on the web is spam. Big forums strip all of that out, leaving only the honest info that people leave. That’s a huge help. On top of this, the archives are where you can yank up a wide variety of topics about quick paid surveys. It’s always one of the bigger subjects and you can freely browse through all of those topics. Doing this will bring you to so many informative posts, where people talk about the good, bad and high paying survey websites they have found. You get to see trends concerning the amount that people are getting from various places.

It’s the key to uncovering a whole new world of quick paid surveys, where you get a ton more cash for your efforts.

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