There are a lot of scandals scattered in the internet and among them would be paid survey scams. If you are among those who keep track to what is happening in the web, I’m pretty sure that you are aware of paid survey scams. Day by day, tons of paid survey websites are created and made available to the public. All of these websites claim that they can actually make you more than wealthy. Because of attractive promises made by the creators, a lot of people’s attention is caught. We can’t help but take advantage of these promises. Thus, I would like to warn everyone of the scamming websites that all of us should avoid.

Let me share some insights about these scams so read on. First, when a site asks your credit card numbers plus a membership fee payable per month with the promise that you will have an unlimited access to their numerous paid surveys, avoid such site. Isn’t it weird that they have to ask for your credit card number as well as a monthly membership fee? What’s worse is that you will later find out that the survey only allows a few survey takers. More than that, you get to access an outdated list where all slots are filled. Another thing is that these sites don’t clearly inform their members that companies only need the opinions of those who have satisfied a certain criteria, the most common one is demographics. They don’t make their members aware that they will not be eligible to complete some surveys if they don’t match any of the criteria.

You might have noticed that the number of paid survey scam websites is really on the rise. As a consequence, some people are displeased about paid surveys not considering the fact that there are also some truthful websites out there. You shouldn’t generalize the idea of scams because there are still some great and reputable websites which can provide good income to aspiring and existing survey takers. I did try a lot of sites and I was able to reduce the broad list into a list of good sites.

I was able to come up with good sites as I removed the scam ones from my initial list. What’s great about these sites is that they are honest. Also, they provide realistic offers. Some provide an income calculator where you can determine your probable earnings if you join. Focus groups are likewise made available to the members. These sites are the ones you shouldn’t disregard.

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