As the Internet becomes a common household commodity and more people world wide begin to use the services, companies are finding ways to begin using this technology to their advantage. There are many tasks that were once considered a challenge, almost impossible to complete, are now finding people lining up to help companies complete the tasks at hand. One of the ways this is occurring is through paid surveys, which are replacing telemarketing.

Telemarketing was used to contact people – just about anyone and everyone – in order for research and marketing firms to obtain information in regards to products and services that may be or will be available in a particular area. This method was found to be relatively ineffective after a number of years, as telemarketing began to be used as a way to solicit sales or charitable donations.

After the Internet began to be used by more people across the world, survey providers began to find they could actually compensate their participants in a number of ways, which all proved to be cost effective. Fewer employees are now needed to solicit the surveys, allowing the providers to save on the costs of wages. The Internet also eliminates the necessity of multiple phone lines and long distance calling charges. When compared with telemarketing dollar for dollar, paid surveys are far more cost effective and efficient for research and marketing firms to use in order to fulfill their contractual agreements.

Everyone has received, at some point in their lives, a telemarketing call that came at a very inopportune time. In some instances people become angry that they are being contacted when they have not offered their consent to participate, creating instances where those making the calls are on the receiving end of some very abusive and stressful situations. Paid surveys through the Internet eliminate this, since participants register willingly to participate in these surveys. Legitimate sites rarely recruit pro-actively, lessening the odds of a person’s right to consent being violated or interrupting their personal lives.

With this improvement in technology, telemarketing is becoming a thing of the past. Now, survey providers are able to ensure their panelists are participating willingly, not out of guilt or an obligation to be polite, are the panelists are now able to receive compensation for their efforts – something that was virtually unheard of in telemarketing calls. Considering all the factors that make paid surveys more efficient and cost effective for the provider and the factors that make paid surveys more practical for participants, it will only be a matter of time before telemarketing as a method of research is phased out entirely.

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