If you are not satisfied with your paid survey earnings, there must be something wrong with what you are doing or you just do not know the secrets of the pros. There are several paid survey sites that would pay you in exchange for your opinions, some would pay you handsomely and some just pay you enough for your troubles. Whatever it is, there is always a way to earning more than what you expected, not in the exaggerated ways that fakes sites advertise but in a more truthful, honest and proven ways.

1. Participate in Focus Groups

Being part of focus groups takes up a lot of time than just answering regular survey forms but it is worth the time and effort because you get double the money for twice the effort that you put into it. You will be grouped with other participants who have the same background as yours and you will discuss the survey through group discussions. Cooperation is needed here so make sure that you deal with the other members of the group fairly and treat them nicely. Sounds hard? Well maybe, but then again just think of the benefits you will get.

2. Be a Participant for Multiple Providers

Being a participant for several companies allows you to get more surveys to answer thus earning you more money. The other plus factor here is that you get to test out the different companies, which one is better and which is bad. Once you have ruled out what is best for you out of all the companies you have tried, you will not have a difficult time looking for paid survey sites the next time you want to be a participant again.

3. Answer Telephonic Surveys

Although not common, there are also a few companies that give the options of participating in telephonic surveys which gives you the option to earn more than the regular surveys.

4. Be a member of Paid Survey forums

Being a member of paid survey forums allows you to know all the secrets of paid surveys, from the illegitimate to legitimate, the top paying sites, the secrets to earning more etc. With forums, you will learn from the pro. Make sure to share in your experience as well as a way of saying thanks to those who have helped you and also as a way of helping out the newbie.

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