Everybody is feeling the pinch of the economy these days, not only in the United States but through out the entire world. And when I say everybody I should really say the working class, middle class or the poor more so than the people with all the money. I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone that only made 5 million last year instead of 8 million.

The point being that when things get really tough, it just seems that the more “get rich quick schemes” and the like start proliferating, and growing more and more. And these days it not so much mail fraud as it is with the continual growth of the Internet.

The Internet is still the wild frontier where everything and anything seems possible and can and will be done in the name of making money, legally or illegally. It is just too hard to try and police the entire Internet. It is just too big and it is continuing to get bigger and bigger.

Now if you do not use the Internet very much or for just business or emails or gaming and such, then you aren’t being swarmed with all the different promotions, sweepstakes, money making offers and the like. However, if you do like to surf the web, sign up for newsletters or a couple of sweepstakes or buy products or services online then you know what I mean.

After a while you get bombarded by an endless stream of email, everything from the latest e-book to a variety of moneymaking schemes.

How do you know what is good to try and get involved with to make some extra money and what is not?

There is no simple answer to that question. Everybody seems to think his or her plan or marketing scheme or e-book is the next best thing since sliced bread. Next question would be – what was the next best thing before bread?

My point being is that you need to be very careful when dealing with any kind of Internet business or opportunity. First off there can be ways to make some money on the Internet but usually it takes money to make money or just be a very good thief.

Research and do some homework on whatever opportunity you might be thinking about participating in. There is plenty of information about just about any kind of online business available so really check it out before spending your money.

When you do find something that appeals to you be sure of a few things.

1. You have the time to do the business 2. You have the money to start it 3. You have the money to keep it going and maintain it 4. It is legal 5. You can make real money by doing it 6. It is something you enjoy doing

If you are just looking for a way to make a few extra bucks each month, try taking online surveys. They are easy to find by searching on the Internet. They are easy to do, and only takes a couple hours of your time each day and after a while you will develop the skill it takes to make a few bucks while doing something as easy as answering some questions. They are safe to do and shouldn’t cost you anything more then your time.

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