Learning is a diffucult process. It has been explained through various experiments, psychology and many more sciences. Learning is a perfect mixture of practise and theory. The theory gives the base for learning and by doing things you give the theory some practise.

Learning is overall a fun process. When you learn something new you can do new things. With new things comes always new circles and with new circles comes new things. You could say that learning different tasks gives you the access of everything new. As described before, new has a good circle of brining the good stuff around.

These days there are multiple learning methods. You can learn by e-learning. This happens through internet and the learning courses are held either by date of your choosings or then pre-set dates where there is a live instructor in the e-learning zone. You can also watch some pre-recorded learning tapes or listen to audio records that explain the process.

The problem with e-learning and audio tracks are that you can’t really get the practice you need to really master the task. Learning should result in mastering something and in this case you merely learn the theory.

Looking at videos and not doing anything result to the same issue. You feel like mastering the issue but when you start doing it in real life you realize that theory is not always enough.

Perfect example of good e-learning process is ProCountor financial administration -software and it’s e-learning zone. You are actually doing your own financial administration (in Finnish: taloushallinto) while learning from the internet. They have set dates for different topics so you can prepare your work to match the dates in order to get everything done.

ProCountor e-learning zone is new way of doing financial administration. You basically outsource your financial administration but still you master it your self and best of all you are on the loop all the time. This is essential in learning process as well. If something happens, you need to know why and how it is being done. Remember, learning is all about having fun.

Interested to know more about financial administration (in Finnish: taloushallinto )?

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