Completing surveys online is often considered to be one of the simplest ways to get monetary benefits. However, with so many scams around in this business, a lot of people often shy away from these surveys. But with Ipsos surveys, you certainly need to allay your fears since it is one of the most renowned research based companies.


Being in operation for over 35 years, Ipsos has earned its credibility. The company conducts millions of researches every year in various regions of the world and rewards the survey takers more than any other company proclaims to.


Filling out Ipsos surveys will allow you to get points which you can redeem later on for gift vouchers and other types of rewards etc. The number of points normally depends upon the length of the survey you take; longer surveys hold more points than the short ones. Once you earn around 50 points, you can redeem your points for gifts from stores like John Lewis, Boots, Arcadia etc.

Lenient Policy for Completing Surveys:

The best part about Ipsos surveys is, you are not bound to fill in all their surveys and hence you can skip completing the surveys you don’t find interest in. However, in case you are enjoying the perks of a VIP membership, you have got to complete at least 5 surveys quarterly. Keeping in view the benefits VIP members get in the form of rewards etc., this requirement is not much of an issue.

Other Perks:

VIP members can win a car and can also avail around 4 shopping cards to shop to their heart’s content on a weekly basis. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that Ipsos surveys offer perks to VIP members only. In fact for the new members the company holds lucky draws on a weekly basis providing a chance to win a wonderful holiday trip.

Signing Up:

The registration process of paid online surveys is not just free of cost but also pretty simple. You just need to fill in the form and provide some basic information about yourself to get going. Afterwards, you will be receiving details about the surveys in your inbox like the number of points you will earn, time required to fill each survey etc.


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