Working from home is a luxury that most of us strive for, but not many can afford to do. Especially during the current economical times, people are looking for ways to increase their income but can’t physically work more hours at work or getting a second job is out of the question.

Online Surveys may just be for you.

Getting paid to do online surveys is a cheap (generally FREE!), quick and the rewards are high.

Some survey sites offer you anywhere between $ 10 – $ 250+ USD per completed survey. With these surveys taking generally less then an hour, you can see how a lot of people are turning to Online Surveys as their main source of income.

Some survey websites may offer you prizes for completing their surveys, while others may give you points that are transferable for prizes and cash. Mostly, the ‘reward’ for filling out a few questions is pure  cash. Who can complain with that?

Be careful though, a lot of survey sites are scams and are only around to take your money and/or opinions without paying. And it goes without saying that these websites should be avoided at ALL COSTS. If it sounds too good to be true, it just may be.

To check if a site is a scam I recommend you search Google for ‘”website address” + scam’ or something similar, just to see what others say about the site. You can also try going to and typing in the websites name in the search box.

Do not be turned off by scam sites, they do exist but if you do your research (which you always should, no matter the site) you can bypass all the junk and get straight to the good sites that have high payment per survey and payout frequently.

Just remember, don’t quit your job straight away – survey sites aren’t necessarily a replacement for your day job. It all depends on the kind of site, the effort you put in and many other factors.

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