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The Online Survey Bible: The Top 100 Online Survey Sites Ranked And Rated. Insider How-To Tips And Tricks For Making ,000’s Per Year Doing Online Surveys. (The Money Bible Series Book 2)

The Online Survey Bible: The Top 100 Online Survey Sites Ranked And Rated. Insider How-To Tips And Tricks For Making ,000's Per Year Doing Online Surveys. (The Money Bible Series Book 2)

Make money online from home today.

If you are looking to make money from home doing paid online surveys this is the one and only book you need! The Online Survey Bible is an insider’s how-to guide for making ,000’s written by an expert, and the author of The Focus Group Bible, Edward Steiger.

All the tips, tricks, and insider information you need to make money is in this book!

Written by an industry insider, The Online Survey Bible has the tips and tricks


Easy money would surely attract a lot of people. Because of the easy job that you need to perform, paid surveys became the rising trend in making easy money online. Due to the increasing number of internet users nowadays, more and more individuals are becoming interested with paid surveys. For a newbie, here’s what you must do first. Of course, search for the survey sites to join. I would not want to recommend search engines although they can produce lots and lots of results.

Among the survey websites that you will find will surely include some scam ones. These are the sites that pay their survey takers an amount that does not properly compensate the latter’s efforts. Having the addresses of the brokers for themselves, what these sites do is to assign works to their members but keep a bigger portion of the payment given by the brokers for themselves. Because the survey takers are unaware of these acts, they are not able to do anything. As a result, only a few of the huge number of survey takers earn good income.

Starters usually don’t mind if they begin their paid survey career with earning low income from low paying surveys. It might not be that bad if you start at a lower income but would it be better if you start earning high income even at first? Thus, start looking for the best and legitimate survey websites so that you would no longer need to waste your efforts at the beginning. As I have been repeatedly saying, look into large forums for these appropriate websites. Spending some of your effort reading the threads and posts in these large forums would be worth it as your hunt for the best paying survey websites will surely gather good results.

I would not deny that search engines will still contain good survey websites but you won’t be able to find them at the first page. Actually, you might even find them at the latter pages. Clicking on each of the results will surely be difficult, right? Hence, learn from the experts who usually share their good and bad experiences in forums. Once you are able to determine which sites you should join, then don’t waste more time and register with them as soon as possible. Now you are all set to start with your paid survey career.

Legitimate Paid Surveys, Paying -5 for each survey taken.

What exactly is a customer satisfaction survey? Why are they useful? What should they should accomplish for the business as well as the customer.

We all like to know when we’re doing something right. For businesses, knowing what you’re doing right (and wrong) is a vital function. This is where customer satisfaction surveys come in.

What is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?
Basically, it’s what a business uses to ask its customers how satisfied they are in general and specific areas. A customer satisfaction survey may ask about:

*How satisfied they are with the products or service
*How quickly they were helped
*How satisfied they are with the help they received
*How the customer came to know about their products or service
*How likely they are to do business again
*How likely they are to recommend their product or service to someone else

Surveys can include many more specific questions. Inquiries related to the variety of products offered, ease of use, and specific products or services may be included as well – it all depends on the business’s needs.

How are Surveys Given?
Surveys can be given over the phone, through the mail, in person, or even online. Make sure the medium is considered when compiling data and drawing conclusions. With each method comes its own caveat in participation, accuracy, and representation. For example, a video game store may want to consider which portion of its customers is active on the web before conducting a customer satisfaction survey online.

Why Survey Customers?
The old adage “The Customer is Always Right” perfectly sums up why customers should be surveyed. It’s the customer’s experience, perception, and satisfaction that drives a business. A better question to ask is this: Who better to survey than customers?

Why is this Important?
A business remains in business by serving its customers. With some extrapolation, one could even say the customers ARE the business. By better serving its customers, a business can obtain more loyal customers, retain more current customers, improve profits, and grow more efficiently. Another important thing to note is that competitors are probably already surveying their customers.

How Can I Have This Done?
While there is a huge amount of free customer satisfaction survey forms, templates, and implementation strategies available all over the Internet, the power of these surveys lies not in the collection of the data, but how it’s interpreted and used. Because correctly gathering and interpreting this data is so important for a business, a professional service that specializes in this type of customer reconnaissance is the way to go.

Quality Solutions ( is a customer satisfaction surveys provided management consulting services for companies all over the world. While assignments may be specific, we always make certain to keep the long term interests of our clients in mind.

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