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As the owner of a work-at-home website, I’m frequently asked about making money with surveys. Although I’ve never been very optimistic about making a living doing surveys, they can be a fun way to make a little extra cash or earn free stuff. Here are the details about surveys and what you can expect by doing them.

What are surveys?

Companies need information and feedback on the products and services they sell. They get this feedback by asking consumers questions about the product specifically or their buying habits. Surveys are not new, but in the past they’d come in the mail.

Are surveys a scam?

No, at least not the legitimate ones. Like most everything else in working at home, there are always a few bad apples trying to take advantage of others. Legitimate survey sites do not charge you money. I have found that some sites will charge money to access their lists of survey sites. You have to decide for yourself whether this is worth it. In my experience a little research goes a long way. And some of these survey database sites sneak in free-to-try programs that can cost you money.

Can you work-at-home doing surveys?

This is a hard question to answer because you can make money and get free stuff, but I haven’t yet anyone yet who supports their family on survey income. So if you need to pay the rent, I don’t think surveys are the best option. If you need mad money or less than a few hundred a month, then maybe it would be worth effort.

Do I have to give them all that information about me?

Yes, but within reason. The survey sites need to put you into a demographic (married, own a home, have 2 kids, etc) because companies survey specific demographic groups. But you always want to be careful about giving away information that could hurt you financially. The difficulty is that if you’re getting paid, the law requires the company issue a 1099 for which a social security is needed. This is true of any paid work in the U.S. (Incidently, you’re also supposed to claim prizes and winnings as income on your taxes.)

What do I need to know that isn’t usually mentioned?

Most survey sites will tell you how you can make $ 5 to $ 75 per survey, but what they don’t tell you is that you may only qualify for one survey a week or less or maybe more, but you’re not going to do five $ 25 surveys a day seven days a week. Many don’t pay per survey, but instead enter you to win money. And some give you stuff instead of money. I’ve gotten a portable CD player (before there were MP3 players) and a Victoria Secret bra. I also got paid $ 5 once to do a week-long log of my TV watching habits. It was fun, but didn’t earn much.

They also fail to mention the qualifying aspect. When companies survey consumers, they usually want a very specific group such as married moms with children under 10 years old who own a home, a computer and a gaming system, and watch 20 hours of t.v. a week (this is just an example). Further you don’t know until you start the survey whether or not you’ll fit the demographic the company is looking for. Usually the first few questions are used to identify if you fit the target group.

The people I’ve met who seem to make the most from surveys and win a lot of free stuff tend to spend a lot of time at it and participate through more than one company. If you’d like to give it a try, you’re likely only to waste time (as opposed to money) and perhaps you’ll get a few bucks or free items.

Remember though to never pay money to join a survey site and be skeptical about the free-trial offers that will bill you if you fail to cancel. Some survey database sites have those kind of offers as well.

Leslie Truex is the author of The Work-At-Home Success Bible (2009 Adams Media). She has been telecommuting and running home businesses for over 15 years and helping others to work at home in jobs or home businesses since 1998. Get work-at-home jobs and other resources with her free newsletter at Work At Home Success

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There are so many companies that are targeting at various opportunities that paid surveys provide. Almost for every company, the market need assessment and feedback collection is one of the major tasks. It is in trend to outsource the survey work for the professional management consultancy firms. These firms workout the business plan and the software architecture for conducting the surveys through the online web based methodologies. The product manufacturer asks for the request for proposal and shortlists the management consultancy firms based on their credentials.

Once the proposal of a particular company is approved, the detailed need assessment work is carried out. During the discussions, the survey questionnaire is prepared for hosting on the website. Another dimension to the survey questionnaire is that the profile of survey takers is also identified and only those participants are invited who qualify the requirement. In majority of the cases, the survey questionnaire is prepared without any typical question that requires specific skill set. During the discussions of the management research consultancy firm with the manufacturer, the terms and conditions of the survey are also discussed, including the payment per survey candidate.

The market research firms highlight the same survey fee on the website. The survey fee is actually fixed keeping in view the budget of the manufacturing company, current market trends, time length of the survey, specific skilled manpower for taking up the surveys, etc. In certain cases, the survey companies also suggest the option of gift vouchers, discount cards and reward points to the manufacturers and quote the same to the survey takers.

The Manufacturers are primarily interested in getting the honest opinion about the products they manufacture. So, the selection of the survey company is done very carefully and precisely. Some survey companies specialize in conducting surveys for the consumer goods while other specializes in automobiles, travel, etc. The hiring is done according to the specialty and hence, manufacturers can get real valued survey responses. Normally, the duration of the whole project is fixed after the preliminary discussions between the client and the survey company. The survey taking time is kept sufficient so that reviews of a larger group of participants can be collected.

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