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Paid surveys have been around for quite some time now and are used as a way to get people to give their opinion about something or things they might have used. It is also used to collect information regarding a person’s personal and their economical habits which help marketing people build a profile about that person which can be a part of a bigger regional profile. Often times people are not motivated enough to give their opinion as a user which is why members / participants are offered a financial incentive.

While the financial incentive offered by these programs may not be huge they are definitely attractive. The fact that you can make a few dollars sitting around at the computer answering simple questions is actually quite attractive. However it is important to note that not all paid surveys are going to pay you especially since they are many scams out there. In order to avoid wasting your time on a scam you need to know what to look for.

Survey Company Profile

Before you invest your time in something like this it may be a good idea to first find out more about the company. Take a look at the ‘Terms and Agreements’ section of the website to find out how they pay, while many may state that they pay via check and PayPal they may not mention at what point are you eligible to get paid and those that do may have set a high threshold.

For instance a company may say that you will get paid as soon as your account reaches $ 50 but that can be near impossible if each survey just pays $ 0.02 and you just get three or four surveys a week. Even if you somehow reach that threshold they may charge you anywhere from $ 5 to $ 25 to send you a check or $ 10 to transfer money via PayPal, the end result is you get nothing.

Read what others are talking about

Now at this point you may be inclined to think that paid surveys are a scam but they are not. These (surveys) are actually a great way to work from home and make money online provided that you find the right company. This will require that you visit forums, and blogs where these companies are discussed. You will have many people on forums recommending a particular company because they had a good experience with it, yet at the same time you will also find out which companies are not good or scams.

Join multiple programs

In order to keep yourself busy and keep the money rolling in you should join a number of different programs. The more programs you join the more money you will end up making and since you won’t have hundreds of surveys to take each day you will have time for other things in life as well such as your regular job, kids and spouse. However joining the right programs will give you the peace of mind that you will eventually get paid for the surveys.

Paid surveys are a great way to make money. For more information and other money making ideas visit: for more information.

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We’ve all tried taking surveys from the hundreds of various free sites that are out there. What you probably “aren’t” doing is making a decent bit of money from them. I know exactly why this is occurring, too, and it’s because a whole lot of you are not getting anywhere close to the websites that pay the most. The following steps will instantly change this for you when taking surveys.

Let me start out by explaining something that is very straight forward. The first step is to think about search engines for one quick second. Do you have the image of your favorite search engine in your mind? Ok. Now it’s time to forget about them, because it’s the very last thing you want to use when you want to get lists of the absolute best paying places for taking surveys. They are astonishingly terrible at showing us where the better payments are. All you get from their lists is a bunch of copy cat type websites that laugh themselves all the way to the bank, because they are keeping most of the money for their own pockets.

They underpay you by huge amounts. With that said, there’s something that we can do about this, which is the second step in this short process. It includes using something that you’re probably familiar with, too: Large forums. If you stick with the bigger ones, you can dive into their archives and whip up tons of topics about taking surveys. There should be 100’s of them, at least. You only have one job now, and that’s to jump into a couple of the larger topics and have a bit of fun strolling through them.

This is where you find tons of honest info, because bigger forums don’t mess around with spam and misleading info. They delete every single drop of it. You are left with tons of truthful knowledge about taking surveys and the free sites that people are finding most effective and the highest paying. It’s your underground source for pin point knowledge.

While other people are taking surveys from free sites that don’t offer much of a payment, you are running right past those places.

Here is a free Top 5 List of Fresh Sites to Make Money Taking Surveys.

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