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Express Paid Surveys + Express Paid Surveys Reviews

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Want success in your home based internet marketing businesses? Use good tools. There are tons and tons of internet marketing tools, and one of my favorites is surveys. They can add tens of thousands of dollars in profits for you, and they can do that very, very quickly.

A survey is just that…a survey. But when it is used as an internet marketing tool it, it takes on a whole new meaning. Imagine you are trying to figure out what your next product should be, or you want to write a series of articles that will answer a bunch of questions that people in your niche all seem to have.

How do you know what to create or write about? Easy…use a survey. Now instead of that survey being “just” a survey…it is a product creation tool. How cool would it be to take the guesswork out of what you should work on…and to know that whatever you do…it is EXACTLY what your customers want? Believe me…this is powerful!

The best kind of survey is one that you can take the answers and immediately act on them. Some surveys are designed to give you information that you can drill down deeper with, and that’s ok, but the best are when you can take those answers and run with them…like create a product or write some articles.

One of the best things about doing surveys is that they are super fast to put together, I mean you can put one up in about ten minutes…put out an email announcing it and Bam…you will have answers coming back to you almost instantly!

A good tip to keep in mind is this: ask questions that require some explanation and dialogue on your reader’s part…don’t ask Yes or No questions. The more information you can get your readers to give you, the better you can respond with appropriate answers…in the form of products or articles or ebooks, etc.

I usually like to ask things like “what is your single biggest question about XYZ?” And of course XYZ is the topic you are asking about. You will be amazed at the responses you get back. Some people will give you a quick two or three word answer, others will write entire paragraphs about what is important to them…All great data that you can use.

As far as which survey tool to use…you will want to gauge this on what the tool does and how much it costs. There are free tools all the way up to more expensive ones. Usually the ones you pay for make it easier to analyze the results…but then again, it’s hard to beat free…especially if you are on a budget.

SurveyMonkey is a good one and it is free. They also have a couple of different upgrade options which of course offers you more features…again…base it on what you need and what you can afford.

Another good one is Alex Mandossian’s AskDatabase. In my opinion this is one of the simplest and easiest to set up and analyze your data. It is not free, but they do have a one dollar trial that you can do so you can check it out and see if it works for you.

Whichever tool you decide to use in your home based internet marketing businesses, I can’t stress enough the power of using surveys. Remember, the more up to date information you have about what your customers are looking for, the better you can be at providing that info. Better info means better profits…every time.

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